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I dont judge. Never in my 23 years have I judged a person. If I dont like someone it would be because of the actions. Never about my assumptions. But because of how things turned out and because of the new things I saw in humans I can’t help but feel sad… and there’s no way I can change how the world rotates… in judgments and money. That was an eye opener for me. In my previous job. I always asked why people get sad, get mad, how people grow old. why their peter pans fade away. how people run out of pixie dusts. I couldnt see… until reality was slapped on my face, even my closest friend Christine is having a hard time growing up… because we have the same heart and therefore we both are having the same difficulties.

I can’t judge, even if I tried. And I dont want to. God doesn’t judge. and we are far below him to judge his creations. We just have no right, MONEY doesnt make it right. It’s disgusting how we could judge God’s creations. seriously. SAD. Even to a famous and well-known artist it would be rude to tell him that his painting or sculpture is CRAP or UGLY. UNWORTHY of admiration, UNWORTHY of attention. But if it’s how the world is and I, being the lazy-ass that I am, would then judge according to what I believe. After much deliberation I concluded that if you were to really judge a person, the proper way would be to brand them as EITHER a BELIEVER or NON-BELIEVER.

A believer is a person who doesnt care. Who is secure with himself to not pay attention to other people’s judgments, mistakes or crap. A believer helps and knows her/his purpose. Knows his/her goal. Examples of believers would be: Hitler, Shakespeare, Barrack Obama, Oprah, Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Frodo from LOTR, Peter Pan…

A non-believer is someone who… doesnt believe. IN ANYTHING. If he/she does, then it’s false belief. A non-believer is someone like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter or Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Anyone who tears other people down. Who looks at other people with eyes that pierce and tear. Creepy…

A believer or a non-believer.

Not all rich people are believers or are they non-believers.
Not all un-rich people are believers or are they non-believers.
Not all professionals are believers or are they non-believers.

Just reach for your goal. For the sake of other people and for your inner happiness.
One that wouldnt leave you empty.

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Protected: it’s not good to dwell in dreams -Dumbledore

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First entry on my new blog

 Good day blog.


Okay, so it has taken me a while to put up my blog as the new ME. I know that this has been long overdue, I should’ve put this up 6 months ago. Exactly 6 months ago… But I was delayed, and I know the delay is going to cost me a lot…

And that is also one reason why I have to do this one thing that I’ve been meaning to do ever since I decided to ‘move out’ of the house… the 40-day-spiritual cleanse.

I’m stuck in the middle right now. Like Britney’s song ‘not a girl, not yet a woman’, I kind of understand that feeling, you can’t fully realize who you really are meant to be because you know that you have one thing you need to do in order to really jump into the next level of your life.

AT 23, I have yet to fully realize my dream as to I have just realized who I am. I have been strong, but now I am weak. Too weak to think of my dreams.



a crazy analogy would be… A 10-ticket-lanes at the train station and the five nearest to the entrance becomes full instantly. You come in last and you see that the one farthest from the entrance, but not too far, is empty and it’s because people were blinded by the ‘fad’… now you are headed there but you see an old lady rushing and falling back to the farthest end of the line. You want to help her but you’re so far, so you shout… BUT is shouting really the best answer? If you do that everyone would rush to the empty lane and the old lady might even injure herself. Isn’t it better to rush to the old lady and assist her to the empty lane. By doing that you do the right thing… and also you set an example for the rest.

In order to live my life, I have to LIVE MY LIFE. Not my MOMs not my DADs not my SISTERs’… But my life. they arent the ones going to end up UNHAPPY. UNSATISFIED. EMPTY.

Everyone is great. You just have to know yourself first before you reach that destination.

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