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Pretty Inspiring.

Is it just me or is Emma Watson’s short hair pretty inspiring? Summer’s over but she makes you want to cut your hair short for the rainy days…
Emma Watson - MTV Movie Awards 2012 - Arrivals
so adorable!
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14th Dalai Lama

Because of one post from ‘’, i was able to know about ‘Dalai Lama’. As someone who’s done a bit of research about spirituality, tranquility, Taoism, Qui Gong, Yoga and have committed time to these practices, I surely am… humiliated that I have no idea who Dalai Lama is. Sure, I read quotes from him here and there, and I probably read about him back when I was younger but I dont know of him or his contributions. I was more surprised when Rona, my kid sister knew of him, or at least she’s familiar with his title. (It’s even more humiliating that when we were talking about religion and she referred to Buddha using his real name, and I was like: err… wait, I know ‘Siddhartha’ he was a prince right… like Mahabharata or something… and then  she told me, it’s Buddha. okay.)

Dalai Lama is admirable. I am just starting to REALLY explore worlds outside of my own. I dont know if it’s a bit late for that because I’m 24, but he sure gives a whole new meaning to greatness.
I dont want to sound patronizing and idolizing but because I’m ‘originally’ an anime-buff, a cartoon-addict and I’m just starting to outgrow those clothes, I can’t help BUT, BUT relate everything into my world. I can’t help but notice too, that his life story was similar to Avatar the last air bender, and no research is necessary to prove that it is a fact:
The 14th Dalai Lama was hailed as the next Dalai Lama when he was 2 years old, he was found in China through signs and OMENS, after finding him in a specific place, he was presented with things/toys/possessions belonging to the previous Dalai Lamas and some were just random possessions. He chose those belonging not only to the 13th, but all the Dalai Lamas exclaiming ‘Mine mine!’, making him the reincarnation of all the 13.  After that, he was the youngest of all 14 to actually be hailed as a Dalai Lama, not waiting for him to claim the power at adulthood, he didn’t have any choice but to be the leader at age 15.

Seriously, if this isn’t proof that he was the inspiration for Aang in Avatar… plus that his original name had the name: ‘Gyatso’ in it is enough proof. cool.

I have to admit that I thought at first that he was all smiles, warm and engaging… and he is! But he is also really deep, charismatic and a good speaker. Which I didn’t perceive when I saw how ‘holy-like’ people make him to be. I dont know him, and I haven’t read anything from him, but I’ve heard him speak and I like his thoughts, message and… well, gestures. He met powerful people all over the world and Dalai Lama was able to light up, suck everything into his own world. No ego, no pretentiousness, no daunting and overwhelming presence… so calm and tranquil all the while. I hated the media coverage but without it I wouldnt have any way to listen to him and watch see him.
I am thinking of changng religions. From Catholic to Buddhism. My sis said I just have too much idle time on my hands and that’s why im thinking these things but I’ve been interested in religion ever since… the beginning of time… :), ever since I was awkward and clueless, I always had God with me and my thoughts… I doesnt feel like I’m turning my back on him if ever I change religions but then again maybe i’m just justifying my actions??? Because I’m thinking that as a Christian I was raised to believe that God created everything, right? If that’s true then he also created Buddha and the concept of Taoism… or is that a twisted logic?
For one, although I believe and love ‘God Almighty’ with all my being, Christianity didnt pull me in as much as Buddhist teachings and Qui Gong did. I attended church, celebrated Christmas, bonded with family… but I never knew scriptures from the Bible, I can’t recite the 10 commandments, I don’t recall memorizing the trinity or Ama-namin… Whenever I went to church I always felt like fainting and suffocating. Like what I was wearing wasn’t too comfortable. It’s either too hot or too ‘something’. But when I read the bible, I find myself totally immersed in the teachings of Jesus Christ… the way of sharing and giving that is Christianity. But it’s just that i dont see it manifested in my fellow Christians… or in life.
It got me thinking, while I believe the way of the bible, Christianity is doing a poor job in etching it into the being of my fellow Christians. There is doubt and turmoil in the heart. Instead of being enlightened, opening up and surrendering. In Christianity there is a violent tug-of-war between good and evil even though the Bible says to honor and respect everyone and oneself. To be at peace and always pray for thanks and doubts…
I realized that while I always say and believe myself to have an open mind, I am quite self-centered, prejudiced and narrow minded. This interest in religion and getting to know other beliefs better is a new thing for me. Back then I said it, but when actually faced with it I have inhibitions that I try to cover up with enthusiasm. I see people from Jehovah’s witness, Muslims and Buddhists and think automatically that they’re not like me… when in reality maybe my fellow Christians are NOT like me and maybe Buddhists are like me but religion is making me believe otherwise.
I don’t want this to be a hype-thing where I-just-want-to-be-different or just to belong or just because I’m not doing IT/GREAT right now that i have to change my beliefs and religion; or take it as a purely-curious-phase of my life; but more of a life-changing, coming-out chrysalis-phase of my life (where did I get that word?). I want it to be natural.
That is why I’m thinking. I want it. But is it right? I feel calm about it like it is right though. and I want to soak into their customs. 
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Happy Father’s Day!

My dad has a huge influence on me, no matter how much i try to deny it. How I see myself, my views on life, my views on health and my interests i got most from him… I look up to him when it comes to sports, health and staying simple. He is a wise man who knows how to have fun and how to be cool. Who knows what he wants in life and his potential and limitations. He taught me how to play chess, how to value math (although he never passed on his math genes onto me…), how to value myself, how to value intelligence and think strategically. He even taught me how to be manly and minimize acting like a girl. He taught me a lot of things, made me realize a lot of things and tried to give me advice on a lot of matters in life which I sometimes disagree with for some of it does not suit my personality and deviant nature.

It made me think, maybe I fail as a girl because of him… That I got my rowdy, never-stay-put attitude from him after all. No matter how much I would like to think I took after my mom, I’m much more like my dad than I’d like to think (my scent says so). I put value on my youth and body more than a normal person does… and I AM becoming more of a health freak since I stepped into my 20’s.

Thank you God for giving me Papa Ed. I wasnt mature enough before to appreciate the mindset he’s given me. He raised me properly, his father, my lolo, raised me properly too… he gave me the right foundations, surrounded me with all the necessary visuals a great person should have as a child. He tried to focus my mind on the important things in life, values and principles.

Most importantly, something I realized after looking at some photos from before… I never looked back, never looked behind me because subconsciously, I KNOW for sure that he… my father, is always there behind my back. It is innate that I feel un-scared, brave, fearless… because from the beginning, before I was even born, the air around me knew that no matter what he’ll be there supporting me and protecting me from everything that would try to break me. I never dared or even thought of the need to look behind me because of them and the priceless parental security that they provide spiritually. They are the exact reason I always look forward and feel free to take any leap… I never knew it until now, and I dont even know if they’re aware of it. It’s that rare magic, I think, that not even their parents’ love can compare to…

So Papa, even though you say I’m eccentric, I’m not crazy nor weird… I’m just loved, that’s why I have this mojo because of your, and Mama’s love.

I love you very much.
I wish you would stay healthy and see me fly and soar high.
I wish you’ll stay healthy till you’re 150 y/o and watch me surpass you and put my genes to good use. Haha, you make me so emotional I cry.

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Venus transits across the sun and earth

The coolest thing

Now this is freaking cool. Not a hundred Lady Gaga nor a million Madonna can top this. Makes one want to live another 100 years more just to see this happen again. (2117 and December 2125 to be exact)


here’s an article i got from:

The astronomical phenomenon is the last transit of Venus this century and will last for several hours. The next transits of Venus will occur in December 2117 and December 2125.

A transit of Venus across the sun takes place when the planet Venus passes directly between the sun and Earth, becoming visible against the solar disk. During a transit, Venus can be seen from Earth as a small black disk moving across the face of the sun. A transit is similar to a solar eclipse by the moon. While the diameter of Venus is almost 3 1/2 times that of the moon, Venus appears smaller and travels more slowly across the face of the sun than the moon, because it is much farther from Earth.

“The transit will start at 6:11 a.m. and last six hours and 37 minutes, until 12:48 p.m. Shenzhen residents could be very likely to see the phenomenon,” sky-watchers at Shenzhen Meteorological Observatory said yesterday. 


Clouds partially obscure the sun during the transit of Venus June 5, 2012 as seen from Riverside Park on the west side of Manhattan in New York.

Sad to say, I, Anne, missed it. What a shame. But this kind of phenomena is something that piqued my wonder. How bizarre for me that this 2012 is both the year of the dragon and my planet Venus appeared that prominently.

Anyway, signal or not. an omen or not. this is just amazing and beautiful.


Bad Boy (girl version) Big Bang

bad boy reply
(by Anne,

boy I’m getting used to what happened last night,
I’m getting tired of all the harsh words and the fight
it hurt me so much that  I just need to leave
A simple “I’m sorry” you can’t even breathe to give.

I know that we fight about every stupid thing
And you always act like i’m your servant and you’re king
Even though you’re wrong you wanted me to call
You refuse to bow down and to take the fall

I’m used to your tem-per
Fighting about -HER
having it your way
making me go away

everyday and night you act so bad
Change for real
don’t you love me…
(then you can change)

now you know I love you don’t be sorry you’re a bad boy
now you know I love you and it’s not cos I’m a good girl
we can work it o—ut,
but if you want me o—-ut,
it’s because of me and not because of you .

Boy if you love me
Then you’ll change for me
Cuz if you leave me
it means you dont want me
You need me and I’m your
lay lay lay lay lady… 2x

but if you reaaaally
Wanted to leave me…
It’s coz you dont love me
Boy you’re so cheeky…
I thought I’m your lay lay lay lay lady…. 2x

Never will I leave you
Because I love you too
But if you choose to go then I’d let you go
so be free, be happy


But if you love me
Then you’ll change for me
Cuz if you leave me
it means you dont want me
You need me and I’m your
lay lay lay lay lady… 2x

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