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X-MEN (first animation)

 I am on an X-MEN high! I don’t usually lean on stories where in there are more than 10 different writers involved and worse, NO CONSISTENCY IN CHARACTERS AND STORY, maybe this is what I don’t like about this franchise, but but the whole idea of mutants and their predicaments were really what got me hooked. That’s the only consistent thing, mutants vs mutants, mutants vs humans, mutants vs their own selves.


For people, mostly teenagers nowadays, who haven’t watched any X-MEN animated series, I’d recommend watching the first animation first, so that you can appreciate X-MEN evolution better.

I think I’m blessed, my generation is blessed to be born in a time where brilliant and creative minds were at work: STAN LEE, SPIELBERG, PIXAR, LUCAS, TARANTINO… many others, we were exposed to entertaining, well researched, passionately written and most importantly ORIGINALLY WRITTEN stories.

Stories being produced now might have better quality in terms of animation and CG’s, heck, we have 3D’s, 4D’s and tomorrow, they’re all holographic! But, it’s a shame that some major movies/ ideas today, are just photocopies of original stories injected with a bit of contemporary materials and settings. This is just my opinion, the ideas of Homer, Shakespeare, Tolkien, to name a few, are being recycled and re-invented in a less passionate and less heartfelt manner.

and on this note, I bade adieu and til’ the next update!

Oh! And I got my new driver’s license and it took me only 2 hours to get it! Thank heavens (and Grisham’s The Chamber for extinguishing my boredom.)  Now, the only thing left to do is…


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STAN LEE – mode

If I were to be one of the X-men, who would I choose to be? My favorite powers would be (from the original X-MEN) Shadowcat’s and Rogue’s, (REMAKE) Wonda’s and Jean Grey’s, but the latter are my least favorite characters even though they are complete opposites.

I re-watched X-Men Evolution yesterday, all four seasons and it reminded me of my childhood, it brought me back to the time when I anticipated every second of the story… where I would be wide-eyed and pissed off at the sudden turn of events. How I was so boggled when I saw the movies and Hollywood made some major changes, tweaked the characters and made KURT really, really weird when in the comics he was really really funny and cool! I love Kurt, Stan Lee made Nightcrawler super awesome.

Now after 12 years and after re-watching the movie and cartoon, I want to collect the comic books!

Stan Lee is awesome! I don’t care about the weird aliases and the matching names of his characters, he just wakes up the brain cells and makes one want to spend money on comic books… haha. I want to meet him someday and watch him work on his comic books and research. Weird that as an adult this is my thought on him now when back then, when I was 10 I always wondered what if there really were mutants, I would be devastated that I didnt turn out to be one of them regardless of what society thinks, or what if my X-genes weren’t activated and there was a way to awake them… so cool.


Like Naruto, or worse than Naruto or Dragon Ball… X-MEN was published in friggin 1961! and it’s still ongoing until now (with different writers and artists)! Turns out prolonging a hit comic book series is a trend that’s been on for ages. More than that though, I admire Marvel a lot for re-inventing the world of superheroes. In a way that made them more human, more touchable, more relate-able and most importantly more fun to watch when they argue amongst themselves or have a fit!

Hmmm… still thinking of collecting every single comic book though, haha. Donations are accepted! Calling all comic book nerds! I want to read it asap! I wonder what really happened to Jean Grey? And if Scott and Storm did create each of their own mutant armies. I just wish that the comics, in the hands of different writers,would still make sense and would still make my head spin because of awesomeness and not because of some ripped off ideas.

Quick question to anyone who can answer: Why is Jean Grey becoming the focus in TV and movie adaptations when she isn’t even an original X-MEN member. Eh? She just irritates me, it’s like they just put her in there to have that stereotypical female lead. Like a Juliet, only, Jean Grey’s character is much more amplified and exaggerated.

hello! Jean Grey aka Phoenix:


Ciao xx

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Food for thought…

There is no absolute right and wrong. People judge as right what they personally consider pleasant, and judge as wrong what they personally consider unpleasant. Convincing others of what is right cannot be equated with teaching the Truth. It is just teaching others to agree with you. It is not about putting an end to error, but putting an end to opinions contrary to your own perceptions.
~Lao Tzu
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"it’s oatmeal day…"

“it’s oatmeal day… I can’t eat french toast on oatmeal day! That’s impossible.” – S. Cooper


I just got a taste of my first ‘mochi balls’ courtesy of my sister, it was so sweet and cold that it reminded of a lot of things. Things I thought I’ve forgotten.

It’s been 2 years since I deleted my ‘Drmer’s Sanctuary’ my first ever blog. It’s where I wrote down reviews, movie reviews, my current anime addiction, novels, events, sports news, it’s where I posted photos of me traveling or simply doing random stuff, photos.videos.stories of me having a normal day, a special day or a bad day, where I posted opinions on a lot of things involving science, technology, politics and personalities, and most recently… recipes and exercise routines.

Whenever I used to have a bad day in school or at work, I watch a movie, go out with friends or learn something new and then I’d write about it and that’s when I feel fine again.

I guess it’s like eating ice cream, you can live without it for a day, but you can’t live without eating it for the rest of your life… Blogging is like that for my generation.

Yay! For my 2nd blog!

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