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It’s been five (5) years since I’ve fallen in love with Big Bang! But I’ve known about them since their debut in 2006 and I remember bashing them on my first blog! But the tables turned and I love them from then!

 G dragon, TOP, Tae Yang, Dae Sung and Seung Ri really are inspirational and have been a source of positive energy for me. It was in 2008 when I argued with my little sister for playing Kpop in her laptop and that very week I was ‘brainwashed’ into liking it. Kpop hasn’t been that famous in the Philippines until early 2010. But for hardcores, Lee Hyori, BoA, se7en, Rain and BDSK have been making the rounds since the early 2000’s, and then there’s Jpop which I’ve grown up listening to… But I digress…

BIG BANG is a whole new wave of personalities/artists. They write their own music, and although every Korean Artist don’t debut until they are honed and have undergone intensive training for years, Big Bang is different in a sense that they are prided in their own personal characteristics, they have characters that shine through and are made their brand.  They don’t just follow what their stylists or CEO say when it comes to their look and presentation, they know where to go, they know their strengths, take pride even in their weakness and continue to improve. They play with good and bad and that’s what makes the group: cool, new, fresh and mysterious… ‘all the time’. They’ve come a long way and have pushed through their weaknesses which are open by the way,

Last October 24, 2012, they had their first concert here in the Philippines. My two sisters have bought their ticket the first day it came out… 4 months before the set date, I, on the other hand, refused to be taken over by my addiction. I’ve already made up my mind that I won’t go to the concert and the shocking thing was that it didnt feel like a loss. Never mind that I download everything that’s BIG BANG, that I adore GD’s swag and adore him and his creativity, for achieving so much when we’re just the same age. I LOVE BIG BANG, why did I think i’d be able to stomach not going to their concert?!!!

The thing is, I think I know in my heart that I’d be going.

And I did.

But while my siblings had the best seats, I on the other hand, sat alone of course, because I bought my ticket on the very last hour! My seat was great though! It was a suite and very comfortable since it had its own everything and I occupied it with a couple of foreigners.

A concert is known to be successful when non-concert-goers are forced to buy tickets to them… and I, for one, am not a concert-goer, yet I was forced to buy an PHP 8,000 worth of ticket just so I can see Big Bang! My sisters’ tickets cost PHP12,000 and it sold out too! Bonnie bought an additional light stick which would normally only cost Php 700.00, but then profits have to be made that day so the price went from php 700 to Php 1,200! IMAGINE?!

The concert was super successful and super profitable to YG ENT. It lasted for almost two hours, with them singing all their hit singles! ALL MY FAVORITES, except for Sunset Glow! They did an encore and sang Heaven, and repeated singing Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby.

Oh! My only regret was not sneaking to the backstage! Or even getting the opportunity to take a picture with the group. Now I just sound like a fangirl. But seriously, that’s not how I want to meet them. I want to meet them in a more personal level. Geeeez.

In the end, everybody enjoyed. Everybody was jumping and if anything else, it was a great work out!

The money though, I could’ve used to buy a ticket and fly to Korea myself and then meet them personally there. Pooh…

Big Bang’s GD, will we ever meet? As artists? kekeke… I wonder. I ponder…

Good luck in this year’s MAMA AWARDS! Big Bang! And Psy too since he’s from the same company…

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