2013 let’s have fun!

01 Jan

2012, farewell… I called you my year, the year of the dragon, I had fun… tons. I saw a lot of things,  I learned a lot of things, realized a lot of things… Figured out a lot of things and for that I will always remember you 2012!

2013, let’s be courageous and productive! Hopefully I can put all that I’ve learned this past year to great use. Hopefully I will have the courage to go through with plans.

 My first blog post this year and I’m at home, sitting in front of the television, watching K. Will sing on MNET- M Countdown. Swore that I wouldn’t spend anything today, and start the year ‘active’, fat chance… active eating in front of the TV possibly.

Ah, so to start the year off, I’m going to jot down my things to do for the year… new year’s resolution. Although I’m not a firm believer in resolutions, b/c they’re only resolutions done on the first day of the year and forgotten the rest, I’d still write mine down here so that I’ll have something to remind me somehow, of what I’d like to get done this year.

1. Be more beautiful, inside out via health and fitness 🙂
(by eating less and being more helpful in my community)
2. Control my temper and be more patient 🙂
3. Focus on the more important things/ studies
(practice delaying gratification)
4. Vegan-mode thrice a week
5. Stop procastinating
6. Open business.
7. Stop watching korean-channels!
8. Meditate and practice yoga daily

on a different note! The last 7 days of 2012 felt like a dream… I seriously think none of it happened, but based on my darker complexion, the week happened.

Last night, my family and I barely made it back to Manila! For a minute we were certain that we’d be spending our new year’s eve at ‘Waterfront Cebu’ since we found out our 9PM flight was cancelled, but we re-booked at Cebu Pacific and so we were saved!

Last minute shopping-
The ticket that saved my new year-
A prosperous 2013 to all of us! Hopefully no more calamities, disasters and end-of-the-world predictions! (Although I think the Mayans were right in their 12-21-2012 prediction, I don’t think they meant it literally though.)
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