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Sweet Saturday Morning…

Hey everyone! I say, it’s a nice morning! After a long time i finally got the chance to see the movie ‘never let me go’, i watched it this morning… I was flipping channels and saw that it was the next movie on cable and I was surprised! I’ve been meaning to get a copy of that movie, the storyline is so different and eerie and when I saw the trailer three years ago I can’t believe I missed it, I’m not sure if they showed it here in the Philippines– oh they did! Pooh.


haven’t tried it, I’ll write a review on this soon.

getting cozy with Cadbury

I sweet tooth was activated because I was feeling happy today! Skip Beat chapter 197 finally came out with English Trans (simple things make me happy). It’s calming to know that times may have changed drastically but I still carry in me my love for good reads, stories and most especially my appreciation and love for great manga, hopefully it’ll be one of the good things which will remain with me even if I get super busy, hectic and ‘grown up’…
Yeah, so, Sensei updated after a month and I literally checked everyday since January 21, for updates. I was disappointed, despite the good reviews by hardcore otakus, I found it disappointing.
Skip Beat 197 *spoiler alert*
All I saw there was Ren’s nude butt… the side view version and Kyoko having her usual internal conflict. Really? Really? Yoshiki Nakamura-sensei, I know that the target readers are teenagers but come on, a month and that’s all you came up with. So okay, I’m waiting for Shou’s appearance and maybe even a kiss on the lips for Ren and Kyoko since the series has reached almost two hundred chapters! I’ve been reading it for six years which means I love it. Give busy people a break sensei… Don’t crush the child in us keke.
*spoiler alert end*
Anyhow, I’ll still keep reading it… I love mangakas… should I try become one myself?
kimchi noodle soup
As for random stuff… I made my monthly kimchi supply and had a simple noodle soup this morning using packed noodles and kimchi juice, for some reason, the noodles didn’t taste good but the soup did. hmm.

Til next update!

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