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It’s been a while since I’ve updated my blog. Nothing much happened within the time of my absence… But I did gain a lot of weight. I’ve never talked About diet, body issues, weight nor heAlth ever, as I never felt the need to do so, and it’s such a sensitive issue for some… I’m not a health guru as well.

It’s Holy Week, it’s a time to pay tribute to Jesus’ sacrifices and as tradition goes we didn’t eat meat, although my dad bought a lot of junk food. Hurray for my health-conscious dad! Not being sarcastic on the health-conscious part… Earlier they asked me to buy a gallon of ice cream, I bought two plus a a liter of diet coke and the funny part was my dad’s disappointed reaction to my ‘unhealthy’ drinking preference. Kekekeke… People are weird. No to cola yes to junk food?

For the first time in my life I admitted to being ‘stressed out’. I still am. Cramming is no longer my forte so procrastination could lead me to my doom. Man oh man, what have I gotten myself into?

Now I understand why some people couldn’t control the urge to eat. It’s not funny nor is it a joke. The mind just takes over and for people who are not athletic or who didn’t grow up with sports in the first place they tend to be unconscious of overeating, the large quantity of food they ingest seems normal to them.

As for me, I haven’t had an intense workout since the beginning of February and I have to get my body back in shape again. I have this kind of mindset, although there’s this little demon in me who wants to gorge on ice cream, cookies, cakes, rhos quills and chips instead of studying. I know! It’s so wrong.

(-,-) discussing weight issues and fitness on here is a new thing for me, it’s such a sensitive issue for some people and today both men and women are so into getting ‘thin’ instead of being fit and healthy that I don’t dare to join the bandwagon. As for moi, growing up with my health buff ❤ grandpa, from whom I learned tennis and how to read for pleasure…

And my parents… Who were athletes… I never became conscious of body-image. I don’t know if its a good thing or a bad thing.

Because of how they raised me, I never had the insecurity some people tend to obsess over regarding their bodies, until now. I’m 24 and I’m just realizing and learning about these insecurities. This Might sound crazy, my curiosity was so piqued that I wanted to gain an extra 20 lbs just to see if I’d feel as crappy as people described regarding weight gain. It was stupid and childish, and a waste of time… My parents raised me in a healthy environment (although they really are obsessing over ice cream and Cheetos these days? Sign of aging? Kekeke.) they instilled in us healthy habits for our mind & bodies and here I am itching to go over to the dark side.

I feel like Eve, eating the forbidden apple.

This kind of curiosity I regret ever giving in to.

so now, to anyone who shares the same story, not necessarily this unhealthy, how did you turn it around such a disastrous occurrence brought forth by curiosity?

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