06 Apr

Rebirth, you know that moment when you are given a second chance to live your life the way you want to, the way you believe is right for you? Some call it enlightenment, awakening.. But rebirth is the most ample description for it. People experience it in their early teens, late teens even early twenties, they manage to awaken from slumber, from sin, from waste and realize their worth and purpose. Is there such a religion for this? Taoism? Christianity?

Being careful, practicing new habits, eradicating characteristics leading to mental, physical and spiritual decay. It’s a bit hard, and there’s the constant worry that you can’t uphold your convictions. Mostly because of temptations and the environment, not all temptations are bad but they lead to something you might regret, as for environment, being reborn doesn’t mean we acquire super powers, we are still human but with more heightened senses, we still get distracted, we still get tempted, we still make mistakes and we still lose focus, the only difference is that we are aware, it is a constant struggle with the lower self and we can foresee the implications of our actions.

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