Roses for me?

20 May

roses for me?
My thoughtful sister bought me this sassy-looking lipstick from Nature Republic Korea. She loves gifting me with lip products! This one I love for the uber-cool design.
 But, the thing is, using it for the first time could make any girl feel guilty. Or is it just me? You know that feeling before you eat food which was prepared artistically, beautifully, intricately, delicately and you don’t want to eat it since it would be ‘sayang’ or a shame to ruin it, you’d feel like a ‘destroyer’ of some sort.
I get that same feeling whenever I get my hands on new make up products, but after the first time using it, I’d forget about it or I wouldn’t be careful with that product at all.
But thanks Rochieee for buying more than what I originally asked for, and also for ‘knowing’ that I’m extremely passionate and in love with tea! I seriously thought you didn’t notice that I’m a tea person, even though I live with you, and I drink three types of tea a day, I didn’t think you even paid attention to my tiniest of habits. : D. Love you! Can’t wait to mooch off you in the future. Lol. You can mooch off me too!

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Posted by on May 20, 2013 in health, make-up


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