Run! Follow what you love.

05 Jun

In life we hear a lot of things such as ‘follow your heart’, ‘do what you love’, ‘Be Happy..’, but what do they really mean? In this era of technology and material things it’s becoming quite hard to walk in a straight line. This era, without a doubt is strikingly different from previous eras because it’s not just about us humans anymore but humans and technology, ‘a defining moment in the history of mankind’ (if you want it dramatically penned). Life revolves around these two things whether we care to admit it or not. Sometimes we follow so many things, trends, events that we neglect to ask ourselves if what we’re doing makes us happy, more importantly if it is who we really are.

Losing track is getting common nowadays and it’s not a question if getting back on track is easy, but what track to get back on.

Bird’s eye-view – Cebu, Philippines

“When in doubt, follow what you love.”

I can’t testify to this yet, but it sounds so right. When I see life and the struggles, hardships and pain that go with it I think to myself, the only thing which makes it worth living is to do it with the thing you love most, i think that’s the time when life will be most beautiful.

So yes, I made the mistake of not doing the things I love whenever I feel down, I leave them out whenever I feel angry, negative and depressed, afraid that negativity will tarnish my child-like adoration and love for my hobbies (yoga, swimming, writing, movies, animation, anime, jogging, baking and cooking). Thinking that if I do them with something negative in mind it wouldn’t be as pure, fun and free anymore.

I found it hard to accept that I can harbor negative emotions. I found it hard to accept that reality can be really dreadful and nightmarish. I don’t want to avoid it by hiding behind things I love (things which made me lively ever since I was young.), that thought only proved that I was narrow-minded and naive.

Knowing about the dreadfulness, I realized that what I should be doing is to ‘share’ the things that I love to ease things up if not erase all things dreadful. It’s not about ‘hiding’, it’s not about me, it’s about bringing it to another level. Everything to a whole new level.

It might be easy to say and write about these things but it would be stellar if we could all follow what we love through and through towards our own happiness. For me? It’ll be hard and complicated, just like anything in life, but I will do it!


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