27 Jul

the slurpee tragedy.

it was raining and i couldnt see through the windshield properly so made a stopover at 7/11. like a little kid i thought i’d lift the mood up with a ‘slurpee’ (the finely crushed ice goodness). i filled a giant tumbler to the tilt and then grabbed some marshmallows. when i got to the counter, they informed me that they no longer give out straws and plastic covers with the slurpee (part of the whole environment friendly movement). I get how plastics are banned, but my question is, does not finding an alternative make any sense? how am i supposed to consume my slurpee without a straw or a spoon? am i supposed to WAIT UNTIL EVERYTHING MELTS and then down it? retarded. why sell something that would hassle the customers? If manufacturers can make pens out of recycled cartons why can’t they find something to replace straws of plastic spoons? Are we now supposed to wait for ice creams or shakes to melt?

I’m ranting, but this thing is just frustrating.

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