02 Sep

In ninth grade, we studied Greek mythology in school. It was pretty easy for me because as a kid I had a habit of choosing a topic and then reading every book I could find about it. Greek and Roman mythology had been one such topic. One day we had a test. One question asked what Ares/Mars was god of and there were two blanks. War was the obvious answer. For the second blank, I put warriors as I knew that many soldiers prayed to Ares/Mars and considered them to be their primary god. My teacher marked the second answer wrong. I went to see her because I was confused. I had read many books about warriors praying to Ares/Mars. When I asked her what we were supposed to put on the second line, she said we had only learned that Ares/Mars was the god of war. We were supposed to leave it blank.

My job occasionally requires me dealing with a lot of frustration. I like to think of incidents like this as training.

Mark Rosewater (via thehermesofverses)


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