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Ice Cream!


Hershey’s Kisses • Nutella • Happy 🙂

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Quote of the day! Good morning Sunday!

“Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.” – John F. Kennedy


Good Morning!

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Pre.Pro.Post Workout Winkibus: flashbacks

I love working out. I especially love running and swimming, but see, swimming makes me focus more than running but running is more accessible and requires less preparation, for me and as a woman, so I tend to run more nowadays.

So I ran for an hour and just came back and I immediately blogged (while waiting for my bod to cool down for a bath.).

I am soooo lazy! But i feel like a hollowblock whenever I miss a workout schedule. Do you feel crappy whenever you planned to workout but failed to follow through?

So, i forced my ass out of the couch and ran. And now Im cooling down.

🙂 While jogging/running I thought about the difference between running when I was 10-15 y/o, compared to now that Im in my 20’s. Thing about running is that your thoughts easily come and go, because you’re active they come more freely and clearly.

It’s so weird how as we grow in years we develop flashbacks, memories. Whereas when we were younger we just run looking forward and never back.

I dont know if it’s just me and because I always run in the same path. I try to focus on my breathing but my mind wanders.

My flashbacks werent bad memories though, just things that occured in the past and I just happen to digest and understand the effects of those past actions in my current life. Ugh so weird.

Anyhow, post exercise is the best, I may be lazy sometimes but I realized that I owe it to my body, to exercise and carefully maintain the shell that house my mortal soul! Haha. How poetic was that? Im gonna end my rant here. 🙂

Be healthy everyone!

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Had chicken curry and papaya salad for dinner. I have to get the recipe from our cook! Kekeke, is curry healthy though?


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