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Honey, sugar and coffee exfoliator

\^O^/ I made my own all organic exfoliator earlier and had it on the whole fourth quarter of the spurs vs trailblazers game! Spurs won yay! Tony was on fire… and I’m getting sidetracked..

I have lots of masks and exfoliators I haven’t been using and haven’t opened yet but today I wanted to make my own,

Using ingredients I know about:

Pure honey 1 tbsp- anti acne

Brown Sugar 2 tbsp- to remove dead skin

Ground coffee 1tbsp- to tighten up skin

Ascorbic Acid/Vitamin C 200mg – rejuvinate

Lime 1/3 tsp – to brighten up complexion

Olive oil 1/2 tsp- moisturize (it doesn’t clog pores)

It was sticky and sweet, it felt good on the skin. I was lying down while watching the game. It’s not runny as long as the liquids don’t overpower the solids. 1:3 ratio.

I had it on a full 30 minutes. Don’t rub it hard on your face. Weird since I had a huge blackhead on my nose, but after rinsing it was gone. I was happy with that since I didnt want to… you know.. pop it.

Rinse with cold water after. I cleansed with Cetaphil, although I probably shouldnt have. I toned and moisturized lightly.


A relaxing way to start the day (☆_☆)


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Last day @ 25


I dunno what to say. Tomorrow I’m no longer 25 and I don’t want to feel like… old. What is old anyway How does one feel old or young for that matter?

I went swimming earlier and it just happened that the pool was really crowded, I couldn’t do my laps properly. The lap pool was rented out..

I dont know if it’s okay for me to say this here but here goes, I can’t help but think of my 17-year-old self and how she would sneak or crash into that party to use that less crowded pool. Yes, I can make that happen if I were my 17-year-old self, but earlier I was just too lazy to get up and transfer pools mch more device a plan to befriend someone from there so I can use the lap pool and get my money’s worth… well I left after 30 minutes because I couldn’t stand the overcrowded resort.

Feeling young I guess is being someone who is willing to go that extra mile to wring out more from life because of yhe belief that life has so much more than what is presented. Old, I guess, is when you feel like you’ve wrung out what you think is enough for you. The -been there than that attitide- that makes us feel lethargic or less sparkly… an attitude which isn’t necessary in life, can be cured by ‘humility’.


And so… it’s times like this that I turn to my favorite author, Roald Dahl.

Have a great day everyone!


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Ah. Yes. Begin.

And so, rant! as every blogger needs to do in his/her blog at least once-

Looking for a beautiful challenge. For real. Words can be misleading and unttue at times, but the thing that I’m saying comes from the core.

I was confused and edgy, in my early 20s where people considered me weird for not caring about what they think when everyone else around me is either checking out what the competition is doing or thinking of ways to leave their current situations, I was definitely an easy target with my naivete and softness.

But what i was looking for was something and somewhere I could go crazy, learn and grow. Money is important, I’ve deceived myself in thinking otherwise, but without it no one can continue doing and sharing anything. But it isnt everything and it’s the truth. Money only comes second to hunger, thirst and the drive to look for the things you’re willing to die for to be able to grow.

I rested and it was nice. But I miss being ‘energetic’ ‘fearless’ someone who doesnt care about the world around her. Its people’s corruption and twisted views, frankly, and truthfully, honestly, they’re all energy depleting. They drain more energy than jogging and running 10-20km!

I am not kidding.

No wonder I looked old and groggy at times and when dealing with impossible individuals.

And so. I’ll end my rant here.

To not care about anything other than my passion and what I want to do.

Oh. 20s!

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MOVIE WATCH: Elle: A Modern Cinderella

Watching Elle: A Modern Cinderella Tale, and eating Nerds from my sister. Hahaha… It’s a Saturday Midnight and I’m watching random movies, TV Shows and reading tons of books… novels, stories and whatnots. My days of freedom are numbered.


Charles Perrault: Little Red Riding Hood

It’s my first time reading something from Charles Perrault. He was a man who touched all of our lives. I’m not kidding when I say ALL. Who never heard of Cinderella? Sleeping Beauty? Little Red Riding Hood?

He made a new genre of story called… FAIRY TALES.

Yep. His goal was to incorporate morals into stories for children. I love it. When I said first time, i meant reading his original version, untouched by either the brothers Grimm or Andrew Lang who I love by the way and who translated the original version. This particular story of Charles Perrault piqued my interest for, *laughs*, it is morbid and straightforward to boot. 

here’s the link from which I got the copy: Red Riding Hood
there’s also the re-written version, or the version we all know, by the Brothers Grimm.

Charles Perrault, “Little Red Riding Hood” (1697) Transl. Andrew Lang (1889) 

Charles Perrault

Once upon a time there lived in a certain village a little country girl, the prettiest creature who was ever seen. Her mother was excessively fond of her; and her grandmother doted on her still more. This good woman had a little red riding hood made for her. It suited the girl so extremely well that everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood. One day her mother, having made some cakes, said to her, “Go, my dear, and see how your grandmother is doing, for I hear she has been very ill. Take her a cake, and this little pot of butter.”
Little Red Riding Hood set out immediately to go to her grandmother, who lived in another village.
As she was going through the wood, she met with a wolf, who had a very great mind to eat her up, but he dared not, because of some woodcutters working nearby in the forest. He asked her where she was going. The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stay and talk to a wolf, said to him, “I am going to see my grandmother and carry her a cake and a little pot of butter from my mother.”
“Does she live far off?” said the wolf
“Oh I say,” answered Little Red Riding Hood; “it is beyond that mill you see there, at the first house in the village.”
“Well,” said the wolf, “and I’ll go and see her too. I’ll go this way and go you that, and we shall see who will be there first.”
The wolf ran as fast as he could, taking the shortest path, and the little girl took a roundabout way, entertaining herself by gathering nuts, running after butterflies, and gathering bouquets of little flowers. It was not long before the wolf arrived at the old woman’s house. He knocked at the door: tap, tap.
“Who’s there?”
“Your grandchild, Little Red Riding Hood,” replied the wolf, counterfeiting her voice; “who has brought you a cake and a little pot of butter sent you by mother.”
The good grandmother, who was in bed, because she was somewhat ill, cried out, “Pull the bobbin, and the latch will go up.”
The wolf pulled the bobbin, and the door opened, and then he immediately fell upon the good woman and ate her up in a moment, for it been more than three days since he had eaten. He then shut the door and got into the grandmother’s bed, expecting Little Red Riding Hood, who came some time afterwards and knocked at the door: tap, tap.
“Who’s there?”
Little Red Riding Hood, hearing the big voice of the wolf, was at first afraid; but believing her grandmother had a cold and was hoarse, answered, “It is your grandchild Little Red Riding Hood, who has brought you a cake and a little pot of butter mother sends you.”
The wolf cried out to her, softening his voice as much as he could, “Pull the bobbin, and the latch will go up.”
Little Red Riding Hood pulled the bobbin, and the door opened.
The wolf, seeing her come in, said to her, hiding himself under the bedclothes, “Put the cake and the little pot of butter upon the stool, and come get into bed with me.”
Little Red Riding Hood took off her clothes and got into bed. She was greatly amazed to see how her grandmother looked in her nightclothes, and said to her, “Grandmother, what big arms you have!”
“All the better to hug you with, my dear.”
“Grandmother, what big legs you have!”
“All the better to run with, my child.”
“Grandmother, what big ears you have!”
“All the better to hear with, my child.”
“Grandmother, what big eyes you have!”
“All the better to see with, my child.”
“Grandmother, what big teeth you have got!”
“All the better to eat you up with.”
And, saying these words, this wicked wolf fell upon Little Red Riding Hood, and ate her all up.

Moral: Children, especially attractive, well bred young ladies, should never talk to strangers, for if they should do so, they may well provide dinner for a wolf. I say “wolf,” but there are various kinds of wolves. There are also those who are charming, quiet, polite, unassuming, complacent, and sweet, who pursue young women at home and in the streets. And unfortunately, it is these gentle wolves who are the most dangerous ones of all.


The late 21st century adult…

It’s now 2012. How does one act? How does one live? Who are we going to listen to?

Today… in this age… this point in time is the most confusing of all generations. There’s the era of Socrates and Sophocles, Alexander the Great, the era of Shakespeare, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Schumann, Beethoven, Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, The world war, The Era of Hitler and Marilyn Monroe and Elvis Presley, The Era of Spielberg and Bill Gates, The Era of Obama and Steve Jobs…

And now… we are in this era of technology, globalization and random faces trying to get hold of happiness in terms of love, money, fame and power. The most prominent trend in this generation though is that this is the era of plastics and plastic surgery… who can be the most fake in the most fashionable way.

I dont want to betray my generation. I was born in 1988, I am an adult-child who is a fan and an observer of life and these are just some things that I noticed.

Life is beautiful but the chaos inside that beauty is just too tangled to untangle. With a laundry list of history to study, of pasts to review and decode we are still repeating the same mistakes that our ancestors did.

We have the luxury of time now, to enjoy the fruits of their labors but we are using them in the trashiest ways… Instead of advancing as individuals some even become total sloths no longer pushing themselves to their limits and afraid to get out of their comfort zones. There are people my age who could have had become the next MOZART or ELVIS PRESLEY or even KISS but noooo… an unknown blackhole sucked out all the energy for talent and left him/her drained and brainwashed.

What’s going to happen now?

True that people are still motivated to be musicians, doctors, painters, artists, scientists, lawyers… But we are all being manipulated by our time. I may be talking about free will and freedom, a topic that’s been around and debated about for ages, but it’s a more complicated issue now that technology, globalization and global warming (?) are concerned.

What I am trying to say is that people can’t find the balance between these two. At least my generation. Independence is a thing of the past. We are so dependent of a lot of things that there’s no balance anymore, of which that we need within ourselves and thus, chaos.

I know that I am not the only one who’s taken notice. Maybe musicians, writers or people who muse all the time.

But although I’m ranting this way, I know that in time my generation will find balance and make use of all these things that are happening today in the most productive ways.


Hello world! Life and philosophy

Man is unique in the world — his being, his existence is different from all others. As JEAN JACQUES ROUSSEAU (1712-1778) wrote in the Preface to his Confessions, “if I am not better, at least I am different.” Reason does not determine existence — we do not reason ourselves to exist. Nor do we exist because of Reason. It’s the other way around. Man is a conscious subject, rather than a thing to be predicted or manipulated. He exists as a conscious being not in accordance with any essence, definition or system. As Rene Descartes (1596-1650) put it, “cogito ergo sum/I think, therefore I am (exist).” Or, as the modern existentialist would have it, “existence precedes essence.” Man exists and his will leads him to invent rational systems which are products of his drives, instincts, fears and hopes

The idea of liberation has its own history. The 18th century philosophes wanted to liberate man from the shackles of blind faith and obedience to authority. Whether that authority emanated from the Church or State made little difference. The Romantics wanted to liberate themselves from the 18th century, by liberating both the heart and the mind. Darwin helped liberate man and his evolution from Christian dogma, thus elevating further the role of science, both natural and physical, in the modern world. Marx spoke of nothing but liberation, that is, of that future time when man will be freed from the realm of necessity to enter the realm of freedom. And Nietzsche too was by all accounts keen on liberating man from the decadent values of decaying bourgeois society. And lastly, there was Freud who, I suppose, saw the liberation of man from his unconscious mind.

(And finally)

For the existentialist, it is in the nature of human consciousness itself to be free — to be free to create and recreate itself at will. Defined only by our acts we are free to assign values to our actions, to give our lives meaning. Unlike countless philosophers, the existentialist does not tell us what to believe or how to act. To be directed from outside is to be guilty of bad faith. The only faith is individual — we must be true to ourselves. We must make choices — we need to make them with total conviction. Again, we must be true to ourselves. Is it possible for anyone to act with such conviction?