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Extreme Makeover Weightloss Edition S03 ep13

I love Chris Powell (@realchrispowell) and his shows, the one I’m watching is Extreme Makeover Weightloss Ed. Season 3 from ‘abc’ but I’m using youtube to access it since it’s not available in my country.


Watched all seasons since last year, every one of them touching, inspiring and educational. This 13th episode from Season 3 with Bob is the warmest for me it made me me realize more about life. Because although all of the clients were overly passionate and hardworking, Bob made me realize more how there will always be problems: whoever you are, wherever you are, whatever you are. Problems will always be there, you’ll always feel it and see it, the thing with problems is that they come with solutions.

Being human, the way to move forward and be happier is to face problems one by one. To solve the one in front of you and move onto the next. Weight, looks, superficial, physical, emotional, material… whatever form it is, solve one first before moving onto the next.

That’s life and I guess Bob’s episode showed me that being honest with myself doesn’t have to be dramatic or heavy. Just ne honest, solve it, live then move on then solve the next one.

This is a touching reality show, I dont know Chris Powell personally but for him to have a show like this where real life is documented with real life problems  (not just weight) shared to the world and solutions offered to them is just mind-blowing and inspiring.

This guy hopefully is just as a nice guy in person as he is on TV because I admire how he just goes out there and how he knows how to handle people.

If I werent in my 20’s I’d say I wanna be just like him!


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working out with the walking dead


In the midst of my ‘the walking dead’ withdrawal when while working out I happen to switch onto fox to find a  TWD marathon. Seriously, anyway, it’s summer and to be able to achieve that summer bod we have to lay off junkfood… which is difficult to the extreme (well prolly not that extreme) but well… I’m having a hard time not touching junkfood. Heh. But will try harder!


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The Son of Neptune


Now reading again (andloving) The Son of Neptune , the 2nd book in R. Riordan’s (badass) Series: The Heroes of Olympus

R. Riordan wasn’t an author I fell in love with the first read (Percy Jackson Series.) but I knew he was always special and talented. His trying-to-be-modern way of writing ticked a nerve. Famous and successful authors aren’t always original. I get that, but back when I was reading the Percy Jackson Series 5 years ago, his story exhausted me and I found myself questioning the sincerity and intention of his stories. Putting in overused characters like Medusa, Cyclops, Zeus, Poseidon and places like Burger King being mist-yfied turned me off. But I guess I’m just a passionate reader and his books’ target audience must be children like my 14-year-old bro who loyally collected ALL his books when i told him he should buy LOTR or HP, even Game of Thrones since I would want to read the whole series!

Anyway, one not-so-productive day, I decided to do some pleasure reading not with my phone, tablet or PC, but with a real-hard-copy-novel. I wanted to turn actual pages and not worry about being blinded by radiation! After two years, I gave in and went down to my little brother’s book shelf and got me the first book from the Heroes of Olympus Series by Rick Riordan. (idk why i typed the whole thing)

As I’ve mentioned before, I wasn’t expecting much, I’m still stunted by his book ‘sea of monsters’ that I needed to finish the hunger games series (back in 2010) to awaken my brain cells, no offense but males are more into his books and his stories than females.

But when I began reading Jason’s story, first chapter introducing him as a kid with no memory, I was preparing to put the book down. Memory loss has been recycled more than a dozen times, the reason why despite my curiosity, I didnt continue reading The Lost Hero three years ago.

But I read on and gave the book another try. Jason, another demi-god, boy Rick Riordan must really love Greek Mythology. I reached Piper’s story, the chapter that made me stop reading the book years ago, but I pursued, I have to finish the book before New Year!

I know, it’s a long (useless) battle for me just to finish reading the book. His writing style is clean, fresh, clear and vivid. Easy to read, visualize and understand, it’s the plot I’m havin a hard time digesting at first because of my Percy Jackson experience.

But the Heroes of Olympus series is Badass!! A more intellectual and passionate story. I was skeptical of having Percy Jackson’s story weaved in with Jason Grace’ (pre-conceived notion that the author is running out of plot ideas for new books. Yeah.). But it worked and my first impression was burned to the ground by Jayson and drowned by Percy!

I love it! Action packed! Mysteries and heroes’ dilemmas make sense. Made my brain cells anticipate and work again. The story is beautiful! I’m heading on to the third book which is: The Mark of Athena.

To be honest I dont like Annabeth! She’s full of herself. Her movie version was beautiful, still, not exactly how the book described her.

I don’t like being proven wrong but Rick Riordan is welcome to if it means having a great story ❤❤❤⚡


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Now reading..


This part
Captured my heart
(as if im not inlove with the series as it is..)