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Honey, sugar and coffee exfoliator

\^O^/ I made my own all organic exfoliator earlier and had it on the whole fourth quarter of the spurs vs trailblazers game! Spurs won yay! Tony was on fire… and I’m getting sidetracked..

I have lots of masks and exfoliators I haven’t been using and haven’t opened yet but today I wanted to make my own,

Using ingredients I know about:

Pure honey 1 tbsp- anti acne

Brown Sugar 2 tbsp- to remove dead skin

Ground coffee 1tbsp- to tighten up skin

Ascorbic Acid/Vitamin C 200mg – rejuvinate

Lime 1/3 tsp – to brighten up complexion

Olive oil 1/2 tsp- moisturize (it doesn’t clog pores)

It was sticky and sweet, it felt good on the skin. I was lying down while watching the game. It’s not runny as long as the liquids don’t overpower the solids. 1:3 ratio.

I had it on a full 30 minutes. Don’t rub it hard on your face. Weird since I had a huge blackhead on my nose, but after rinsing it was gone. I was happy with that since I didnt want to… you know.. pop it.

Rinse with cold water after. I cleansed with Cetaphil, although I probably shouldnt have. I toned and moisturized lightly.


A relaxing way to start the day (☆_☆)


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Roses for me?

roses for me?
My thoughtful sister bought me this sassy-looking lipstick from Nature Republic Korea. She loves gifting me with lip products! This one I love for the uber-cool design.
 But, the thing is, using it for the first time could make any girl feel guilty. Or is it just me? You know that feeling before you eat food which was prepared artistically, beautifully, intricately, delicately and you don’t want to eat it since it would be ‘sayang’ or a shame to ruin it, you’d feel like a ‘destroyer’ of some sort.
I get that same feeling whenever I get my hands on new make up products, but after the first time using it, I’d forget about it or I wouldn’t be careful with that product at all.
But thanks Rochieee for buying more than what I originally asked for, and also for ‘knowing’ that I’m extremely passionate and in love with tea! I seriously thought you didn’t notice that I’m a tea person, even though I live with you, and I drink three types of tea a day, I didn’t think you even paid attention to my tiniest of habits. : D. Love you! Can’t wait to mooch off you in the future. Lol. You can mooch off me too!

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review, eyes: In2it eye colour palette ESC02 Pink Alert

Hi! I’m back with another review, and this time it’s ‘eye shadows’! All my life I’ve only owned eye shadow palettes from 1. Elizabeth Arden 2. Clinique shadow duo 3. Avon. I barely wear eye shadows out, just because I find foundations, bb creams and eyeliners enough to achieve the eye-look that I want.

Eye Shadows are great when you’re in a creative mood and you want to emphasize your eyes, everyone knows that! But what not everyone knows is this drugstore brand called: In2it.

It’s a Japanese Brand manufactured in Thailand, here’s their website: Basically they have everything your face needs but due to more active competitors in2it is a brand that’s yet to be famous.

So two days ago I was thinking of buying the ‘Sleek Eye Shadow Palette in ‘oh-my-eye” (great reviews online and youtube, and the colors in it are what I was looking for. It’s a bit expensive when you buy it here in the Philippines but I think it’s worth it for 12 awesome shades.), I was in the mall and I was browsing and swatching drugstore-branded-eye shadows on my wrist. That’s when I saw In2it.

I don’t use ‘shimmer’ eye shadows, or anything that has glitter on it. I’m a matte-lover. I love matte! That’s it, but when I saw this thing I was dazzled, almost hypnotized that I didn’t notice the eye shadows had glittery specs until the sales lady opened the palette. The package is so cute!!! There’s the soft floral touch that caught my eye. I quickly bought two  mini-palettes, 1. waterproof eye colour in Piano 2. Eye colour palette in Pink Alert! I’m reviewing the Eye Colour Palette in Pink Alert first.

 In2it’s eye color palette 02 Pink Alert. 
It’s originally Php 379.75 or USS 9.30. A good price for a five-color-palette!
It doesn’t come with an applicator which I’m okay with. People don’t use applicators nowadays. 

It comes in 5 shades: 2 pink shades, a white shade i think is for highlight, a black and a blacker black. It made me happy just staring at it. I’m not even a ‘pink/sparkle lover’.

What can I say about this product… As you can see from the swatches, the bright colors are lighter, the black ones come out as they are. The consistency against the skin is light, not too chalky, a bit powdery, I can feel glitters in my hand. The eye shadows stick to the lids at once. Perfect for smoky eyes, party looks and night outs, also wearable during daytime since it has light colors in it.  TIP: Prepare your cheeks for fall-outs by dabbing loose powder or by tapping your brush/applicator once to remove excess eye shadow.

I returned this particular product though, and I’m waiting for a call from the SA and manager. Take note: We all have different skins so what happened to me with this product may not happen to other people.

I tested this the other night on my eye, I did my regular make up routine, I cleansed my face, moisturized, prepped with my face shop and body shop foundation and face base before I applied this for testing.

If some of you have used the MAX Factor eye shadow in taupe and black, this has the same feel, the glitters in this one are heavier. One of my qualms, is that after applying it over my primer it still smudged easily, but upon blending I’d rate it 2/5.

I can live with that. It still looked good if you use the proper blending brush. The thing that freaked me out was the sting I felt on my lids when I removed it using my Faceshop make up remover. It’s my first time feeling it and I quickly rinsed my face with Cetaphil. There was a redness on the thin layer of my eyelids and it felt painful and hot.

Luckily I came from a family of physicians and so I was able to get a cure at once or else I swear I’ll really faint. I have a mildly sensitive skin but I don’t get acne or itches so I was really surprised when my eyelids got irritated.

Too bad! This made me sad. I really wanted to like this product, but I had to return it and wait for them to switch it for a different product not from that eye shadow line, since the other one I purchased worked fine against my skin.

In2it hopefully you can get back at me quick or else I would’ve wasted USD9.00 on garbage.

Overall rating: 5/10

Although pretty and the colors were nice, it was hard to blend and it irritated my eyelids.

I’m overly meticulous on products that I buy and more so on products that I use on my face. We should all be, since we’re stuck with our face and the kind of skin we have forever. No matter what we do, what surgery people might get into, underneath, we still carry the things we were originally born with… damaged/not.

Again, this is a review from my personal experience. What didn’t work for me might turn out to be a ‘holy grail’ for you, and vice versa. 

Retail Price: Php 379.75/USD9.00
Overall rating: 5/10


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review, eyes: Etude House Eyeliner

Etude House – Oh m’eye line liquid liner
My favorite liquid eyeliner so far! You can count me in as one of those people who can’t live without eyeliner but I won’t go to the extremes as having one tattooed on my eyes… I love Korean Make up Products mainly because they’re gentle and they seem to close my pores whenever I use them, that aside, I bought the etude house liquid eyeliner in black.

The brush is one of the reasons I love this product, it’s easy to control and easy to paint with. The product itself is flawless… by flawless I mean, it’s pigmented, it does what you want it to do. It dries like a dream, not too fast and not too slow, after application I just had to wait a second and it’s done. It doesn’t smudge and most of all it doesn’t irritate my eyes.

The down side? I’ve been using this product for a year and for an eyeliner, it’s so bulky! I often carry a couple of eyeliners with me and the packaging is crowding up my make up bag. The product itself also dries up on the brush so I need to clean it with a tissue often, but it’s not a big deal since it’d be weird if it didn’t clump after using it for a long time.

But over all, it does what it’s supposed to do flawlessly. Whenever I use it I feel confident throughout the day that it wouldn’t cake, peal or smudge. It highlights my eyes elegantly and I would definitely purchase this product again and again.

Price: Reasonable
Rating: 10/10

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review, face: The Body Shop- All in one Face Base

The Body Shop- All in one Face Base

I love this product, I purchased mine at a their retail store here in the Philippines. I recommend it for everyday use to people with sensitive skin, or even those who don’t. First off, it’s available for all skin tones, you just have to really look and find what’s perfect for your skin. I use this as a foundation and a face base, sometimes I don’t even have to do touch-ups (i don’t have oily skin.). Most people don’t like the compact design for its bulkiness, but I find it adorable and sturdy, inside, there’s a compartment for your sponge that separates it from the powder ergo, the oil from constant usage doesn’t spread and it’s hygienic.

The application is so light and thin that it feels like I’m not wearing any foundation/make up at all but it covers up eye bags and uneven skin tone decently.

My only qualm is that, upon purchase, their staff and employees are a bit ‘unfriendly’, compared to those in Clinique, Face Shop, Mac. They constantly dot on you, and even though there are no other clients in the shop, they act as if they’re always in a rush.

All in all, it’s the product that really matters, but it wouldn’t hurt if they’d inject their staff with a bit of a smile or positive character.

Retail Price: Php 1,200.00/ USD 29.3
Product rating: 8.5/10

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