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The heavenly duo that is “Akdong Musician”

It is unlikely for me to review musicians, I’ll make an exception for this unlikely duo who moved me into writing about them.

The duo is called Akdong Musician (AkMu)


So, I was tuning in to MCountdown on MNET while browsing my smartphone. I wasnt really paying attention. It was the EXO comeback episode, but the show was dull, no new sound, artists were just re-making tunes from past popular tracks from hit idols so it was pretty bland. I’m not gonna sugarcoat things, it is what it is.

Then while on tumblr I heard the MC introduce the next performers and a smooth rap came next.

The song that got me was “200%”. The rapper had that smooth playful tone then when the girl’s voice came I was like: who are they???

They’re Akdong Musician, a duo from a contest who were signed by YG Entertainment. There are a million golden voices in the world but this girl is freaking amazing! I want to share her voice even if that sounded totally weird.


Don’t care for YG. I’m a fan of jpop, kpop, french music and western. I’m tellin you guys these two are extra special.

Akdong Musician album is jam packed!

They are unconventional yet their music is heavenly which makes them special. A mix of rap and r&b/pop yet something else.

All the songs in their Album displays lightness and color yet emotions and smoothness.

On stage they aren’t the kind who will play cute and compensate for lack of talent. Your eyes and ears will love them. Listening to them is lik listening to musical instruments being played perfectly.

Check them out. No matter if you’re a teenager or grandparents of teenagers you’ll love them.

They’re no hot and sexy girl groups or pheromone dynamites sexual hunks, but if you’re into quality, original music, you’ll love them.


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Eyes on me

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Big Bang Goodbye Stage! April 29 2012

 lovely… had to post their goodbye stage. it would be a shame not to put this up.

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Hello world! Leap Year of the dragon & listening to Adele

Still in deep slumber =). I’m 23 and just found out that I’m an introvert. This knowledge came to me when I saw its definition online.

Speaking of 23, Adele is the same age as I am, I’m even 1 month older than her. Man! I thought she was the same age as beyonce, her voice has that mature sound to it, deep mature level. The first time i heard her songs i thought she was an artist in Whitney Houston’s (bless her soul) level, weird, since she’s just gaining major popularity after the former singer’s death.

True to my definition of her music, Adele described herself as an old-soul in person, which is reflected in her music, but what’s really phenomenal is how she integrates current, contemporary, intricate, interesting and passionate in her music. It’s like listening to a classical piano piece where your mind stays at ease but at work at the same time. The quality of her voice is just magical.

I first saw her in her music video ‘rolling in the deep’ and man, she’s a breath of fresh air among all the lady gaga, nicki minaj and taylor swift of my generation. She’s absolutely awesome. She’s the kind of artist who can inspire artists to make REAL music, as she quoted her music is not for the ‘eyes’ but for the ‘ears’.

Hope she continues making more awesome music for the ears. **.  I think all of her music was from her soul, the time in her life where she was most depressed and she so released all her bitterness through sound.

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hello world! music: big bang comeback

  • 1 day ago


    『BIGBANG 5th Mini Album Title Track ‘BLUE’ RELEASED!』
    ☞ YG Music: http…
    dragonseatchocolates dragonseatchocolates commented:
    BAD move on the american girl… couldve chosen a brazillian or hot puerto rican model, even indian. but I LOVE THE SONG! MV not so much. sad song shouldve had a light upbeat MV right??
    i got bashed for this comment… I LOVE BB though…
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