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Déjà Vu, has this happened to you?

Okay, so I’m re writing my previous entry, it didn’t get published. It’s about déjà Vu and I’m curious as to what it is, if people really have it, how can one remove it or enhance it.

I know how I sound like, I’ve had numerous occasions of deja Vu since I was a small child, I encountered the word when I watched the movie “The Matrix” (1999) the scene where Neo and his troop were inside the building and as he was about to climb the stairs he saw a black cat pass by the door and then saw it again when he looked back at the door. He uttered “déjà Vu”.


According to: shantitechnology (dot)com

Deja Vu refers to those odd and usually rare moments whem present feels like the past. Its a hard experience to interpret. Some people search their memories for dreams that might have been like the present. Others think that the experience is what happens when things from past lives emerge in this one. Both notions are impossible to prove, disprove, or (until recently), investigate. The belief that its about past lives is a matter of faith. The idea that it has to do with dreams is less a matter of faith – only a few people claim to recall past lives, but almost everybody remembers some of their dreams. Some recall a lot of them. The theory of reincarnation that is most consistent with modern brain science (Algorithmic Reincarnation) predicts that no memories are passed from one life to the next. What is transferred is a set of signals that reflect states of consciousness. Memories don’t need to go along.

Memories are state-specific. We can have experiences in one state of consciousness (like when we are drunk, for example) that we cannot remember at all when we are in another. States of consciousness provide a much more direct way for someone to select how they will behave than remembering past behaviors and comparing them to present possibilities.

There is a fly in the ointment with dreams as well. Both dreams and deja vu experiences happen in non-normal states of consciousness. Most altered states are are a fertile ground for confabulations. This means that in the moment when someone is experiencing deja vu, its easier for them to create a false memory than it would be normally. In fact, during moments of deja vu , one’s consciousness has unusually direct access to long-term memories, and the brain processes that allow us to retrieve them.


I’ve always brushed off these occurrences, I’ve had that feeling and memories of things happening again, more than once in my life. But they were small things, not too important like the lottery numbers or test answers, just some things like a conversation happening in a location I’ve never been to before, eating a meal with a certain mix of people and an event or small conversation happening during a meal. Sometimes I see faceless people/person then the ‘present time’ comes and I already met the person and his face filled in the blank.

Things like that.

It used to be I remember the scene and experience deja Vu as the event happens again and I tell myself ‘I’ve seen this happen before’ then shrug it off. But lately, it happens sooner.

Nothing big.

Like last week I ordered an smoothie blender online for my workout sessions, because the website had a sale last week, just today I remember telling my sister a few week or a month ago that i swear I will never ever order electronic online.

Why? Because I had such a vivid dream more than a month ago that I’d receive a defective electronic product from my online order and wouldn’t get a refund for the product.

But I forgot about the dream until today when this morning I received my smoothie maker and when I used it it wouldn’t turn on! It was a bummer.

In my dream I was having an argument with the people from the company and they were telling me that they can’t refund my money because I signed the ‘return form’ incorrectly. More specifically, in the “reason for return” section, instead of putting the exact date, I placed: I received the product today and returning it today, but I was delayed in sending it and sent it the day after. That was their reason.

The first half of the dream happened earlier, the second half, I’m wishing wouldn’t come true.

So back to déjà Vu, has it happened to you because I’ve had it constantly happening to me since before I was a teenager, involving little incidents with my life…

The electronic item thing was creeping me out so I finally wrote an entry about it.

Have you experience déjà Vu before? How do I remove it or enhance it?

I’ve read articles about it and some said it may be hallucination, for some, maybe.

I don’t smoke, haven’t tried smoking cigarette, I haven’t taken unprescribed drugs in my life, I’m a healthy ladeeeh, and I know this article is so weird but I’d love to hear about your experiences and thoughts.



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Finding my old young-self again

I’m watching Roland Garros, something I’ve avoided for the last two years because it reminded me of my young-immature self. This is just one of the many things I tried to forget, and unconsciously, I’m getting edgier and edgier in the past two years that I’ve been trying to change. Now, I’m watching Serena Williams’ game live after watching Maria Sharapova’s match and my mind just went to relax-mode. Stories are pouring in, everything, right and wrong seem to clear up.

I don’t know if I’m finding myself again or learning about myself. But isn’t it better to build yourself rather than find it? For me, the thought of finding oneself brings forth a scene where in important objects pass by a body searching endlessly for whatever precious thing is waiting, whereas building oneself is collecting precious things you see on the way and incorporating them into ones self.

On a different note, watching French Open is reminding me of the times when I can go through days without sleep! Mutants do that. Now, more and more people do that, younger ones. What’s up with old people (including myself) thinking that they need to sleep more?

I don’t think this is a sign of aging, writing about oneself, the past and talks of getting old… it’s a sign of laziness, over-thinking, being emotional… boredom.

Looking at Serena Williams made me realize that she’s playing while she can still play. She’s the number one seed, she’s been on the top since I was in high school, twelve years old? It is not greatness, well it is, but I think it’s beautiful how she’s embracing all the time she has while she can still play tennis, while her body is still allowing her to. That thought alone is more than enough motivation to keep holding onto her number one spot. Where is this thought coming from? Back then I was too young to understand how the real world really works, if you’re number one, isn’t a decade of being number one enough? Wouldnt you be able to retire in peace after that? This was when I was twelve. Once, twice is enough…

But when you love something, you want to be able to live forever and do it forever. It seems to be that way. I haven’t found that thing yet but I understand the importance and greatness of this concept now.

Anyway, poetry and writing aside, Serena Williams plays beautifully and flawlessly! Wow! After years and years she still plays with spunk and electricity. She just pulled off a top spin and I pity Sarah E for the 6-0 score, Serena Williams is like playing darts on the court. Her serves are so precise and she seems to predict the direction of the ball beforehand, she’s already in position even before the ball hits the floor.


But Roger Federer.

Really. Really? What happened. 😦 it stunned me! Tsongo…

R. Fed! You’re still the best!

Anything is possible! Nothing is ever impossible.

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I dont judge. Never in my 23 years have I judged a person. If I dont like someone it would be because of the actions. Never about my assumptions. But because of how things turned out and because of the new things I saw in humans I can’t help but feel sad… and there’s no way I can change how the world rotates… in judgments and money. That was an eye opener for me. In my previous job. I always asked why people get sad, get mad, how people grow old. why their peter pans fade away. how people run out of pixie dusts. I couldnt see… until reality was slapped on my face, even my closest friend Christine is having a hard time growing up… because we have the same heart and therefore we both are having the same difficulties.

I can’t judge, even if I tried. And I dont want to. God doesn’t judge. and we are far below him to judge his creations. We just have no right, MONEY doesnt make it right. It’s disgusting how we could judge God’s creations. seriously. SAD. Even to a famous and well-known artist it would be rude to tell him that his painting or sculpture is CRAP or UGLY. UNWORTHY of admiration, UNWORTHY of attention. But if it’s how the world is and I, being the lazy-ass that I am, would then judge according to what I believe. After much deliberation I concluded that if you were to really judge a person, the proper way would be to brand them as EITHER a BELIEVER or NON-BELIEVER.

A believer is a person who doesnt care. Who is secure with himself to not pay attention to other people’s judgments, mistakes or crap. A believer helps and knows her/his purpose. Knows his/her goal. Examples of believers would be: Hitler, Shakespeare, Barrack Obama, Oprah, Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter, Harry Potter, Frodo from LOTR, Peter Pan…

A non-believer is someone who… doesnt believe. IN ANYTHING. If he/she does, then it’s false belief. A non-believer is someone like Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter or Captain Hook from Peter Pan. Anyone who tears other people down. Who looks at other people with eyes that pierce and tear. Creepy…

A believer or a non-believer.

Not all rich people are believers or are they non-believers.
Not all un-rich people are believers or are they non-believers.
Not all professionals are believers or are they non-believers.

Just reach for your goal. For the sake of other people and for your inner happiness.
One that wouldnt leave you empty.

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