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Hello world! 10 years after reading Harry Potter…

            10 years after reading J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter, i find myself reading it again. I can’t get enough of it. Such a shame though that the movie didn’t get nominated for an Oscar, an Academy Award or a Golden Globe this year. I have a thought though, that they might’ve put a greater respect or they would’ve honored it the way it should’ve been honored if J.K Rowling died after writing it (no harm meant). It’s like they purposely snubbed it, not giving it its proper treatment, how one should treat a masterpiece. They talk about art, originality, innovation and message when it comes to film and they don’t even  pay tribute to films who have those characteristics.

In the board’s defense, they did say that HP was too mainstream…

I don’t get it. There was nothing mainstream about the book. what the fudge is mainstream? Or indie? HP manifested a give and take relationship with film and audience. People pay and in return they have fun. HP opened minds and brought back people’s imagination if only for 3 1/2 hours. that’s beyond what any other film can do. (in terms of: anticipation, innocence, purity, magic, malice, adventure…)

I’m just baffled at the twisted way they judge in these award shows. Isn’t the best film supposed to be something that is masterfully crafted in such a way that a heavy message is sugar coated with pure imagination? Like Charlie and the chocolate factory. Underneath all those candies lie jealousy, conceit, selfishness and other more morbid angles of human nature, but all you see are the oompa-loompas and willy wonka’s genius.

I like Harry Potter. My classmate introduced me to the book when I was 12 years old, I was in 2nd High School here in the Philippines. After reading books from Sidney Sheldon, R.L Stine, Sabrina series and Jude Deveraux to name a few, my classmate lent me her HP books and I read it during classes (hiding it under my biology textbook) and at night, under the sheets.

I was too naive to understand the full context of the book, what got me reading it were the magic words, the strange creatures and magical items! Harry, Ron and Hermoine! Mr. and Mrs. Weasley! and I always looked forward to Hagrid and Dumbledore’s parts. For a 12-year-old girl, it was witty and a completely different world.

But holding the book, I always felt that it was dark no matter how colorful and vivid it was written. I guess it’s the way she wrote it, the adjectives she used were so spot on and piercing.

After 10 years I realized that one can feel the author’s emotions while reading it that’s why it can take a hold on you so firmly. Despite the solid story and seemingly fiction setting, it’s not the originality that gets to you but the pain, sense of loss and sense of wonder and longing that it relays to the reader.

You can feel the writer’s anger beneath the magical words, the writer’s pain underneath the character’s actions and the writer’s wishes underneath the magic spells.

Anyway, HP, regardless of the author, is a work of art. I wonder what can surpass it~