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“Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters Official Teaser #1 (2014) – Olga Kurylenko Movie HD” on YouTube

Wow. Screenwriters are really, really getting themselves busy huh? First ‘the mortal instruments’ and now Vampire Academy. But honestly though, I’m not complaining, it’s every author’s dream to be movie-fied, it’s good publicity and they reach out to people who don’t really read often.

The tricky part is that most of the time books/novels/manga/comics which are turned into films get ruined. The film version tends to ‘Shatter the Illusion’ if not done right!

I call it: shooting the magic out of the book.

Film adaptations tend to smell like- Money. While the reason the novels became bestsellers was because of the heart.

Hey now, there are amazingly awesome, off-the-roof adaptations: HP, LOTR, Hunger Games even Twilight were translated to film wonderfully, but there are times when scriptwriters run ouy of fuel and producers have to to bestsellers for possible plots! And that’s when everything gets ruined.

This year I am looking forward to watching two movies!

One originally a Manga adapted into an Anime and now turned into a Movie the for the second time: Rurouni Kenshin!

Second is the one mention above, Vampirr Academy, the novel was introduced to me by my little sister, she told me it’s like Vampire Knight (which Ive been proudly a fan of for 10 years- i am a dork, wow) and nothing like that other vampire movie- which is true since Rose Hathaway is kickass, badass and all around fatale.

But wow, I wonder how scriptwriters earn the big bucka through this..

That aside, I was a happy reader reading the stories on paper/tablet, very happy and inspired! Books, Manga & Comic Books do that to me, just wish the movie would be worth it, I mean, yep.


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Ah. Yes. Begin.

And so, rant! as every blogger needs to do in his/her blog at least once-

Looking for a beautiful challenge. For real. Words can be misleading and unttue at times, but the thing that I’m saying comes from the core.

I was confused and edgy, in my early 20s where people considered me weird for not caring about what they think when everyone else around me is either checking out what the competition is doing or thinking of ways to leave their current situations, I was definitely an easy target with my naivete and softness.

But what i was looking for was something and somewhere I could go crazy, learn and grow. Money is important, I’ve deceived myself in thinking otherwise, but without it no one can continue doing and sharing anything. But it isnt everything and it’s the truth. Money only comes second to hunger, thirst and the drive to look for the things you’re willing to die for to be able to grow.

I rested and it was nice. But I miss being ‘energetic’ ‘fearless’ someone who doesnt care about the world around her. Its people’s corruption and twisted views, frankly, and truthfully, honestly, they’re all energy depleting. They drain more energy than jogging and running 10-20km!

I am not kidding.

No wonder I looked old and groggy at times and when dealing with impossible individuals.

And so. I’ll end my rant here.

To not care about anything other than my passion and what I want to do.

Oh. 20s!

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