Lu Xiao Yu (Secret OST- Jay Chou)

It’s been a while!

I’ve been learning Lu Xiao Yu (Rain) from Jay Chou’s movie “Secret”.

Saw the movie with my sis 7 years ago, wow time surely flies. There are many great pieces in that film, most famous is the “Time Travel” piece.

I’ve never paid attention to Lu Xiao Yu before until I heard PianoMike play it two weeks ago.

I’m just mesmerized by the romantic and solemn melody and decided to share. 🙂

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Last 1hr & 30 mins of #2013! Our house music is 😍. #medyanoche #2014 #newyear #chipmunks #home

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BACKSTROKE ALA WANNEDERLAND 😉 freestyle is more my style, but i love backstroke too ❤

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0523SHINee1 (by shinee3594)

Excited to see Jonghyun back on stage ❤ IDK why i feel revved up, they all look so cool even though some looked tired in  this video. Shinee’s back!

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S06E10 Supersize vs Superskinny Season 6 Episode 10 (by ErmmTV)

Made me remember  that I am just one of the trillions and trillions of people on this planet. The earth stayed the same after I was born and it will stay the same after I die. A melancholic and realistic thought I gathered from watching the obese people in the US and how in this video, they were regretting the things they did before they ended up getting various treatments in the hospital.

No matter what we think we are just humans and our body is ours alone to take care of and maintain. There are times when we feel down, sad, depressed and we want to just drown ourselves in whatever quick remedy we can find even if it may not be the best option. For some, ignorance is the culprit having no idea what is good or bad for them, for some it’s plain bullheadedness.

Growing up around sports and outdoor activities, I wasn’t aware of the repercussions of being inactive, I am just slowly learning about it since I am beginning to develop this habit that I shouldn’t be too active because of my age (24 going 25), I have to stop myself from being hyperactive, control my energy and tone it down.

Even if I’m still far from being obese, I can imagine what it would be like to not be able to swim freely, to run fast, to hate yourself for not being able to do what you can visualize in your head.

I think, to be humble and to remember that we are just visitors on this planet is the best motivation to be fit and healthy.

There are still so many things to explore, learn and discover. When we get old and have grandchildren, we don’t want to regret not being able to play with them right?

My post ends here. I just needed a proper motivation to start working out again without feeling guilty that I’m the only one doing it frequently.

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SHINee Taemin Dance Compilation (by TheShayChan)

My tumblr is about sharing fascinating things I find around the web, sometimes though I am not able to update instantly.

So, I just had to post a video of my current obsession, it’s pathetic and irritating seeing myself fangirl-ing over an artist, in all my 24 years, BIG BANG was the only commercial artist who captured my heart (and my pocket!) completely, but after six years of being monopolized by the group (Justin Beiber who? One Direction to where? The wanted what? kkk) a golden blazer caught my gaze. Literally.

I remember the exact moment I was fascinated by the group, but first let me tell you that I was 19 when I first saw Shinee on my little sis’ laptop and Lee Taemin was just 15 years old the! I swear my senses automatically shut down and I swore then that I’d never like groups/bands whose members are younger than I am. Besides there’s Big Bang, SUJU, DBSK even Shinwa, Se7en, Rain who are all years older than me, no need for young-uns!

But fast-forward to fiver years and a month later and I have Shinee music, Shinee MV’s, Shinee fancams, Shinee Performances, Shinee INterviews, Shinee TV Shows playing everywhere.

It all started at the 2012 MAMA awards when I saw them performing SHerlock while waiting for BIG BANG’s awesome performance, Sherlock is a project I was never a fan of. The whole concept screamed commercial and was really really bland. Some people might like it, I don’t/didn’t. I’m not sure if I like the song since I really like the ‘artists’ singing the song.

It was then that I looked at these five grown men (I’m familiar with Minho since I watch Dream Team on TV) and noticed the one in the middle was wearing a shiny golden blazer, performing with them was a rookie group called ‘EXO’, I felt bad for Shinee since they’ve been in the industry for six years- they deserve a better time slot, so I watched and was about to turn the channel when the chorus of Sherlock played and golden-boy looked really angry and intense when he did his dance move. I asked my sister who it was and she told me that’s ‘Taemin!’, i thought, ah, the magnae.

That was the only Shinee moment I remember watching ‘til the end in the five years that I’ve been aware of them.

But it all changed when ‘Dream Girl’ played on Channel M and KBS Music Bank last March. I was bored when I turned the TV on and it was Shinee’s comeback, I was studying for an exam and Channel M and KBS kept playing Shinee Videos on their music segments.

But before that, BoA’s ‘Disturbace’ was released and MNET kept on playing it everyday and everybody saw that Taemin’s become Lee Taeman now! SMent’s promotion strategy I suppose and yes, noonas took the bait!

Dream Girl/Taemin inspired me to turn to Shinee whenever I feel bored. That’s when I saw what talented boys they are especially Lee Taemin. He is so underrated!

I like him! He’s such a powerful performer, he can even go solo like Rain-Bi or se7en.

The dominoes fell one by one, that’s when I got hooked on Onew! OnTae, Onew Sangtae kkk. He’s such a charismatic leader, unique and fun.

My only comment on Shinee is that they are a powerhouse of a group but like puzzle pieces, they haven’t yet found their perfect places to create the perfect picture. They haven’t reached their full potential. Compared to their sunbaes in SMent, Shinee’s a really well-rounded and world-class level group!

But unlike YG/Big Bang’s G-Dragon who knows his members well, their weaknesses and strengths, Shinee doesn’t have someone who can guide them and place them to their most advantageous position. SMent don’t do those things to their artists. They mold them like soldiers and then equip them with ready-made AMMO. They sing songs that sound like it’s made for robots, but Shinee, somehow make it spin.

Hire G-dragon/Teddy to produce your music SHINEE. Pride is nonsense when we’re talking about pure talent!

One more thing, you know those coordi-noonas fans are talking about, yea, they are perfect examples of people who work with Shinee. They just put on them whatever ‘looks’ nice without making sure if the costume would fall off on stage or hit the singer’s face while singing or hinder movements when power dancing. Weird.

I will end my post here. Gosh, ‘Why so serious?’ I’m trying to love it but I can’t grasp the concept, the theme, the lyrics sorry but I only watch it bec. I love watching Onew and Taemin perform with all their heart! Key and Minho too. Jonghyun, I miss!

Shinee has such a unique color, determination, confidence and personality (good/bad) don’t ruin them SMENT!

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